Built To Last

  1. 4"x6" Pressure Treated Runners

  2. Lifetime Warranty on all Exterior Wood

  3. Lifetime Warranty T111 Siding

  4. Metal Soffit Trim

  5. 29 guage Premimum Grade McElroy Metal

  6. 1 1/2" Screws

  7. Insulated Vapor Barrier

  8. 1" Screws

  9. 3"x4" Commercial Grade Truss Plates

  10. 2"x4" and 2"x8"Double Top Plate

  11. Double Studded Door Jambs

  12. Extruded Aluminum Tread Plate

  13. Fully Lockable T-Handle

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Garage Door Texture


We’ve Got You Covered

Our metal is warm-formed to prevent cracking and chipping of paint! Our roof system has been proven to withstand winds in excess of 70 mph with no damage.


We Take Care of Our Own

We have been building the finest storage buildings, yard barns, storage sheds, garages, and cabins for over 10 years. Our business has been family owned and operated since the first building went up and we take great pride in that.

Being family owned and operated ensures that every building leaving our facilities is built to the highest standard, using the best quality materials, and our tried and true methods and designs. 


​All our sheds are built by hand by our family carpenters. We only want to build it once so we use products that we know will last:

  • Metal Roof: 30 yr. paint warranty, 25 yr. metal warranty, maintenance free, paint free, leak free, and our roof system has been proven to withstand winds in excess of 70 mph with no damage! 

  • 4"x6" Runners: clean, odorless, non-staining and non-irritating to humans, animals and plants. Carries a lifetime warranty against rot, decay and termite infestation. Can be placed in direct contact with aluminum. Fresh-looking, more natural appearance than other copper-based treated products (i.e. ACQ, CCA).

  • 2"x4" Treated Joists

  • Premium Grade Treated T111

  • Treated Plywood Flooring: Lifetime Warranty

  • 3"x4" Commercial Grade Truss Plates: No plywood gussets!

  • Aluminum Garage Door Tread Plate

  • Framed Floor: the only new exterior wood preservation system that is EPA approved!